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<Pellescours>damo22: did you had time to check my patches ? i want to continue but don't know how to implement the missing methods
<Pellescours>hello andrzejku
<andrzejku>Pellescours, I wanted to ask about GNU Mig
<andrzejku>Pellescours, maybe you can help
<drez>Any Hurd experts around here?
<andrzejku>I'd like to propose if I can refresh a code of GNU Mig
<andrzejku>it is a small tool but written in C with not many tests
<andrzejku>and also I struggled to compile it
<andrzejku>but does it make sense?
<andrzejku>drez, they are but you have to be patient
<drez>right :)
<drez>it's nothing important
<andrzejku>drez, maybe I can answer you?
<drez>no, it's fine, thank you
<andrzejku>drez, maybe do you want to develop with me?
<drez>I wish I had the skills to help
<andrzejku>drez, ahh you are not dev
<Pellescours>andrzejku: I didn't do more on mig than compile it
<andrzejku>Pellescours, and hwo are you using it?
<damo22>Pellescours: i am sorry i havent had time to try your patches yet