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<damo22>Pellescours: i assume the only missing symbols now should be rumpns_pci_intr_alloc rumpns_pci_intr_release rumpns_pci_intr_type after your patches?
<andrzejku>anyone here?
<kittyblam>andrzejku: technically I am, but, I am just a lurker who cant help with anything lmao
<andrzejku>so you are a hurd user?
<damo22>kittyblam: you can help too if you like to
<kittyblam>damo22: wdym/how so?
<damo22>kittyblam: idk, there must be tons of things anyone could do like documentation, hUrding people in :P
<kittyblam>lmao yeah, as someone who hasnt yet messed around with hurd, there is no real good documentation that would lead people in lmao, might mess with it in a vm/"subhurd" sometime (am running guix/linux)
<damo22>we might soon get over a small delay with rumpdisk
<damo22>thanks to Pellescours helping me with it
<damo22>i need to apply the patches and see if i can fix the missing rump calls
<damo22>netbsd updated some internals and forgot to update rump
<andrzejku>I wanted to ask for help as I plan to write a book
<damo22>typically on irc you just ask...
<andrzejku>can you share any what you think is a good documentation for Hurd?
<damo22>there should be something in the channel topic
<andrzejku>and some people with I can talk in private and refer in my book?
<damo22>what is the book about?
<andrzejku>the plan is: "GNU H(a)urd Warriors" it should describe a little bit technical and social view of the Hurd Kernel
<damo22>hurd is the operating system, mach is the kernel
<andrzejku>that's why I asked you about more documents
<damo22>im not sure what a social view of a kernel is
<damo22>I haven't been involved for very long in the scheme of things but my goal is to add enough drivers to make hurd usable on x86
<damo22>at least more modern that it already supports
<damo22>but we are not going to reinvent the wheel
<andrzejku>damo22, what's the driver mach interface look like?
<damo22>basically we are using netbsd drivers in userspace
<damo22>there will be no drivers in mach one day
<andrzejku>what does it mean?
<damo22>no drivers in the kernel
<andrzejku>like modules?
<andrzejku>I don't understand =/
<damo22>just userspace programs linked with a library
<damo22>that provide the hardware support
<andrzejku>ahh so the libraries will provide hardware support
<damo22>yes from netbsd
<andrzejku>that's why I think there should be a book
<andrzejku>but I also think if for example there are people who can describe their intresting story
<andrzejku>for example
<andrzejku>he live in basement and he has no food like freevegan or something and spend a whole day for Hurd
<andrzejku>I think it will be intristic
<damo22>andrzejku: i lived in my mothers basement for years and wrote some of coreboot, i dont think its that impressive and i much prefer to be an independent grown up writing less code per day and earning a living
<andrzejku>damo22, yes you are right
<andrzejku>damo22, also for family
<andrzejku>ok thanks I have to read more about Hurd
<damo22>so im not sure it makes a lot of sense to write a book glorifying young people hacking in their mums basement living on tofu
<Pellescours>damo22: yes only theses 2v symbols are missing. when I tried to build hurd with rumps there was also the symbols from pci-userspace that were missing but I don't knwo why
<Pellescours>damo22: actually my 1st patch (Add a patch to build pci-userspace using rump headers of current build) doesn’t work. You can drop it
<Pellescours>Ok I solved my problem with pci-userspace
<Pellescours>Undefined references staying: rumpns_fifo_vnodeop_p rumpns_pci_intr_release rumpns_pci_intr_alloc and rumpns_pci_intr_type
<Pellescours>and rumpns_fifo_vnodeop_opv_desc is missing too
<damo22>Pellescours: yeah i think you can fix two more of those by linking with librumpdev_fifo_vnops or something
<damo22>i cant remember
<damo22>but the pci ones need actual code changes
<Pellescours>yes, I’m checking to fix the fifo ones
<Pellescours>Are you working on the pci stuff ?
<damo22>maybe later today i will
<damo22>i need to do some exercise, im going for a bike ride
<Pellescours>great, have fun
<damo22>i will merge your patches soon and they will be on my repo
<damo22>when it all works we can look at upstreaming it to debian
<damo22>im keen to see what effect the new rump has on rumpdisk
<damo22>Pellescours: btw did we need to delete any files from the netbsd source that i pushed already?
<damo22>or did i do it correctly
<Pellescours>I should have done it correctly theorethically