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<AlmuHS>hi. a simple question. Which are the current configure flags to enable smp support in gnumach?
<AlmuHS>youpi damo22 do you remember this?
<youpi>IIRC you just set the number of procs to > 1
<AlmuHS>btw, master branch is broken in savannah
<youpi>how so?
<AlmuHS>if you enter in the link, the master branch's log has dissappeared
<youpi>? I get
<AlmuHS>oh, now i can see it
<AlmuHS>i don't know what mattered
<AlmuHS>ok, now I had a new error
<AlmuHS>configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
<youpi>check config.log to see the actual compiler error
<AlmuHS>i've just installed gcc-multilib, and now i have a new error
<AlmuHS>../configure: line 14334: ../config.status.dep.patch: No such file or directory
<AlmuHS>configure: error: failed to patch using `config.status.dep.patch'.
<AlmuHS>ok, it seems that the latest Debian GNU/Linux upgrades has broken something in my compiling environment for gnumach
<AlmuHS>it's a circle problem: i can't compile Mig neither, because it needs the gnumach headers
<AlmuHS>and, when i try to configure gnumach, it makes this
<youpi>config.status.dep.patch is in the repo
<youpi>it's not normal that configure doesn't find it
<AlmuHS>not in my repo :(
<AlmuHS>it's so strange. I go to resync my git instance
<AlmuHS>ok. It's possible that I removed it by accident. I've just recovered it
<AlmuHS>ok. I was removed all files which name finish in .patch. Now fixed
<damo22>check the git log messages for smp
<damo22>it has flags in there
<damo22>actually no it doesnt when it got merged
<damo22>oh she is gone
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