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<damo22>youpi: so from what i can tell, the new netbsd code changed the pci interrupt internal api slightly, so we need to implement 3 new functions for rumpdev_pci.c and i also need to fix the build to use hurd's libc/pthread instead of netbsd's system includes for librumpuser
<damo22>once all this is fixed, rumpdisk should link again
<damo22>i think they broke librumpdev_pci without realising because no one is using that code in netbsd
<damo22>rumpns_pci_intr_alloc rumpns_pci_intr_release rumpns_pci_intr_type are missing symbols
<damo22>we could implement them as rump hypercalls and then implement the hypercalls in pci-userspace/src-gnu/....
<jpoiret>is there any good documentation on the architecture of rump kernels, and especially how they're used in the context of Mach? I'd love to dig into the source code but I'm no Hurd expert yet as well, but this looks very interesting
<jpoiret>the website which seems like the main resource does not exist anymore
<kittyblam>(I do not know enough either, but I just wanted to vent about dead links in general as well, its a shame the web is the web instead of a series of torrents or something)