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<FlutterheartTheA>irc is weird sometimes
***FlutterheartTheA is now known as princessalicorn
<princessalicorn>Idk if it is possible to re-register/change default nick
<princessalicorn>if it is i should
<princessalicorn>having to routinely change my nickname to this does become a little annoying
<damo22>princessalicorn: if you have specific questions just ask, its a bit slow in general due to timezones
<princessalicorn>Oh I want to ask about who specifically if anyone I should talk to about the " student application form " if that is a thing still. Specifically on the reccommended projects thing the basic test suite thing seemed pretty cool and within my skillset potentially. I think it would be a ogod oppurtunity as I said with #1 get volunteer hours for my school programme, and #2 be a good way to further learn about the GNU/Hurd
<princessalicorn>thats all
<damo22>feel free to mail in your questions to the mailing list, someone will usually answer within a few days to any question you may have
<damo22>or you can hang around here for a long time
<princessalicorn>I think I will take both routes
<damo22>im not familiar with the student program myself, i am working on hurd in my spare time
<princessalicorn>Thats pretty cool. I have been in a couple areas around in the "Free Software Space" looking for things to volunteer over. I am still waiting for responses from most of them. Free Software is one of those things I can do volunteering with and be actually passionate about
<princessalicorn>I need 150 hours total in time and im like at 33
<princessalicorn>i occassionally contribute to projects in my freetime, like i did some stuff for the wiki for funtoo and i have my own small projects. But I have to activly reach out with this because it requires someone "supervising" and signing a sheet of paper
<princessalicorn>for it to count
<princessalicorn>I worry about coming off as annoying but I really do not know any way else to do this
<damo22>the mailing list is probably easier for this kind of thing
<princessalicorn>I will work on an email for it tonight
<princessalicorn>thank you
<princessalicorn>do you beyond GNU/Hurd have any other reccommendations for places to reach out to?
<damo22>depends what your interests are
<princessalicorn>well I enjoy doing writing a lot, and I also have some experience in adminstering FreeBSD computers. I have some C/C++ exp and have been using python for years. I want to atleast when I get into proffesionality get into systems programming
<princessalicorn>though sometimes it does feel as if i dont tread water in actually learning
<princessalicorn>I keep trying though, it is something im very passionate about
<damo22>sorry i cant help right now im at work
<princessalicorn>oh no worries at all!
<princessalicorn>im probably just spitballing more than anything at this point, lol.
<alextee[m]>princessalicorn: there's zrythm if that's of any interest to you
<princessalicorn>Oh thats pretty cool, thanks for the reccommendation
<Gooberpatrol66>princessalicorn: if you're interested in learning lisp, the thing that affects me the most at the moment is missing packages/services for guix
<princessalicorn>ohhh that would be really cool, and Lisp has been something that I hve wanted to learn
<princessalicorn>It could be something worth attempting
<princessalicorn>Is there a specific maintainer I could write/message who would be willing to sign off on whatever activties I do for the Guix project? Atleast on where to look? If so, then I think this will be another path I will attempt to pursue.
<princessalicorn>Thank you so much
<Gooberpatrol66>here read this:
<Gooberpatrol66>just post any questions to #guix or
<princessalicorn>Thank you
<Gooberpatrol66>And this is how to write a package:
<zamfofex>princessalicorn: #guix is more active than #hurd, so you’re more likely toreceive more attention asking there!