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***FlutterheartTheA is now known as princessalicorn
<princessalicorn>I cam across GNU/Hurd and I was wondering, what is the state of the project now?
<yjftsjthsd3>It runs. Hardware support is, AFAIK, still awful, but you can fire it up in a VM and it just... mostly works.
<yjftsjthsd3>If you run Debian/hurd it looks 90% like Debian/Linux
<yjftsjthsd3>Oh, and it's still 32-bit, which isn't a huge deal depending on workload but is a limitation
<youpi>princessalicorn: the chanell topic has the url of the faq
<princessalicorn>thank you
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<princessalicorn>Well I have dug through a lot of the site, including the FAQ
<princessalicorn>And it helped a lot
<princessalicorn>I foudn a lot of interest in the Student thing
<princessalicorn>I have been digging around for places to volunteer as of recent for a school program thing, so maybe it is something I should consider investigating further.
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<princessalicorn>I should have also disclosed that I am writing a short paper for my freshman english class about the dfferences between GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux. So I know generally about the basic structure of hurd from having to research for that
<princessalicorn>I hope I can learn more from everyone here