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<damo22>youpi: the copy of two versions of gcc+gdb+binutils is 1.7G in netbsd src
<damo22>maybe i should not commit this to the repo
<damo22>for rumpkernel
<youpi>we don't need these indeed
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<yjftsjthsd3>How is hurd capitalized? I had assumed "HURD" since it's an initialism, but all the docs I've seen seem to treat it as a lowercase word (except that it gets capitalized when used at the start of a sentence or such)
<damo22>youpi: what is the convention for debian tags? upstream/0_20191130 what is the 0 and what does the date reflect?
<damo22>can i use 0_gitHASH
<damo22>i want to use a git hash repacked with less source
<damo22>hurd is a little fragile with ext2fs
<damo22>we probably need journaling