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*enyc meows
<enyc>have GNU done a good job pointing out new channel locations to followers somehow?
<enyc>I don't see stragglers in gnu leenode channels these days, even though various in others heh, betlegese often redirects them!
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<Guest74>I’ve read the nice writeups of the Hurd security bugs by Sergei
<Guest74>I don’t know if I will get an answer to this, but wondering about bug 2/4, why is the Hurd so special that it needs proxy objects?
<Guest74>What keeps other Mach based systems bug free from this particular point of view?
<Guest74>Is it possible to get memory objects and vm_map them also in other systems, right?
<Guest74>And those can be shared
<Guest74>Probably not.. I’m just curious