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<CharlzQuantum>hey guys
<jpoiret>i guess this is more gnumach than hurd but, what is the naming convention for block devices? is there an equivalent to lsblk? (only found devprobe)
<CharlzQuantum>Is someone running GNU/Mach?
<jpoiret>on a vm, yes
<jpoiret>on real hardware: probably not
<CharlzQuantum>where can I get a GNU/Mach iso? I couldnt find it
<CharlzQuantum>and you know, I wanted to know your opinion, do you think Hurd will really get a stable release sometimes? if not, why is not the FSF using Linux-libre for GNU and we could finally have the first offical GNU
<jpoiret>the operating system you probably want is GNU Hurd, which is running on top of the GNU Mach microkernel
<jpoiret>an easy way to build it imo is using Guix: