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<brun>ThinkT510: gnu_srs: MINIX3 seems even more dead than the Hurd last time I checked
<brun>they got a bunch of money from the EU and after that finished it all halted
<brun>I think it was better they even didn’t get financed in the first place. It’s such a waste
<brun>the system is so skrewed one would think it’s on purpose
<brun>They say that Intel uses minix internally and install it on every processor
<brun>i don’t see this as a very smart move
<brun>an embedded os would probably grant better services
<brun>So we have a death is running on ring -3 in every processor
<brun>how come exploits like spectre weren’t already applied to leak everything possible about it
<brun>also it is beyond ridiculous that the EU payed for this shit
<brun>seems obvious one in not all of the students that were employed with public money is now working on this
<brun>there is even a web server running in ring -3 under minix
<brun>according to Google
<dragestil>Hello, do people here have opnions regarding <>? For example, how well does guix/hurd support real hardware?