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<gnu_srs>damo22_: Hi, have you given up rumpdisk? If so, any volunteers to enable it (and get rid of the linux gpl2 only code)?
<gnu_srs>Another thought: When is Hurd going to switch to lwip as default instead of pfinet?
<gnu_srs>If that change of default (or selectable when installing) is not made nobody will ever try to use lwip instead of pfinet...
<youpi>when somebody tries it and fixes the potential bugs
<youpi>(i.e. running the testsuites of packages that exercice network behavior)
<damo22_>i have been extremely busy this week, i am working on a problem that has vast consequences
<gnu_srs>youpi: It would be nice to document somewhere how to replace pfinet with lwip. And which testsuites to run to discover eventual bugs.
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