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<damo22>native build of upstream rump is working so far
<damo22>its compiling
<damo22>hey youpi: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find
<damo22>i cant find that lib
<damo22>i copied libgcc.a -> and it seems to be linking
<damo22>this patch on top of netbsd master allows native hurd builds
<damo22>im talking with them now, to see if i should mail it in yet
<damo22>looking good!
<black_knight>damo22 congratulations! What you have been done with rumpdisk is very exciting to follow, I’m looking forward to see the rump usb stack coming to the Hurd if that is what you plan to do!
<damo22>im just upgrading rump to latest netbsd
<damo22>we can see if bugs disappear if we are on same version as upstream
<black_knight>It’s exciting to follow the whole effort including what you did before
<damo22>i still need to finish libacpica
<damo22>so we can eventually turn on IOAPIC and SMP
<damo22>the work that AlmuHS did still isnt enabled
<damo22>thanks for the encouragement