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<damo22>i built the triple i386-gnu triple rustc, but didnt complete the port to libc
<damo22>that darn thing needs to have a sys include parser
<damo22>the problem is if no one does it, it wont happen by itself
<damo22>im hoping one day we can get hurd on a usb stick
<black_knight>damo22 right, the libc headers rewrite.
<black_knight>I wonder why Rust was not developed as an extension to C++
<black_knight>there is a reason people were basing their system languages on C when that mattered (C++, Objective C)
<black_knight>Thinking of rewriting the libc headers and then maintain that mess..
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<black_knight>Have you guys ever looked at this and this ?
<black_knight>One wonders if getting MacOS binaries running in the Hurd couldn’t be as straightforward as writing a few userspace Hurd servers for it
<black_knight>Well a part the BSD part of it that I guess would need to be reimplemented
<black_knight>One wonders if the Netbsd Mach emulation cannot be used to run the Hurd, also
<black_knight>Particularly interesting is the part where IOKit is described