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<damo22>zamfofex: did you try looking at the debian package for netdde for extra patches? sometimes there are patches there that unfortunately didnt make it upstream yet
<damo22>also where are you getting you netdde source from?
<zamfofex>damo22: Sorry for taking a while to respond, by the way! I got the sources from the “incubator” repository from the Hurd project on the GNU Savannah. I used commit be828e44b332ccfeef6f687d69b5d74b2a16323d. I checked out the Debian patches (from ‘debian/patches’ in <>) and they don’t seem related to the problem I mentioned. (Is there anywhere else I should look at?) Thank you for the help
<zamfofex>, by the way! I can share the Scheme declarations I wrote for it, in case they are relevant.
<damo22>im not sure, ask youpi
<youpi>zamfofex: I don't know, I don't really see why the conflict, since libdde's sched.h is in <linux/sched.h>, while glibc's sched.h is in <sched.h>
<zamfofex>The glibc <sched.h> is being included indirectly from <pthread.h> at ‘netdde/main.c:4’, whereas libdde’s <sched.h> is being included indirectly from ‘libdde/include/dde26_net.h’ then ‘libdde/include/linux-headers/linux/netdevice.h’, etc. at ‘netdde/main.c:2’.
<zamfofex>The glibc version being used is 2.31, so a few versions behind the current 2.34.