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<damo22>youpi: does hurd have libc.a ?
<damo22>why is it in /usr/lib/i386-gnu
<youpi>it has, sure
<youpi>it's there for multi-arch support
<damo22>ive almost got rump building its just missing a lib path for libc.a
<damo22>on upstream netbsd
<damo22>its building!
<damo22>youpi: have you see these symbols before?
<damo22>ok its libgcc
<damo22>because i built rump with a different gcc, when i try to link with hurd's libgcc it is mismatching symbols
<damo22>so i guess i need to wrap host toolchain and all my problems will go away
<damo22>youpi: that was quick, my netbsd changes are upstreamed
<youpi>wow :)
<damo22>but i need to wait for github to catch up, its only in CVS
<damo22>so, it builds on netbsd fine but we still have work to do to build the toolchain wrapper and upstream that, otherwise the current rump libs it creates on hurd are not really usable
<damo22>unless we use the gcc toolchain that is built by to link rumpdisk
<damo22>also, we gain smaller dependency set by not requiring another GCC
<damo22>i mean, once we have a host toolchain wrapper
<zamfofex>Hello! I’m unsure whether anyone remembers me from Freenode, but I have still been trying to build A Guix image with networking support for my hardware. I wrote local package definition updating the packages for the Hurd and ‘netdde’. I’m currently running into an issue while building the ‘netdde’ package, though. It seems the headers from Linux in the ‘netdde’ package are conflicting with the ones from the glibc package.
<zamfofex> Namely, <sched.h>, indirectly included from <pthread.h> seem to be included from both, which causes the compilation to fail with a “conflicting types” error.
<zamfofex>I can continue trying to fiddle around with it, but I feel like my current question is “which of the headers should be included?” Should I honor glibc or the ones from netdde? I can upload some more information such as errors soon in case they might be relevant enough.