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<damo22>Pellescours: is it in libctf?
<damo22>that it fails
<damo22>i get missing CLOCK_REALTIME
<damo22>sys/time.h ?
<damo22>ok i think i fixed it
<damo22>nbmake[3]: don't know how to make /part3/demo/git/netbsd-src/obj/destdir.i386/usr/lib/crti.o. Stop
<damo22>how did you fix that Pellescours
<damo22>i think its the only thing stopping cross build of rump target on upstream
<damo22># gcc --print-file-name=crti.o
<damo22>but the toolchain i built does not have it
<damo22>i think thats the problem
<damo22>is crt* part of libgcc?
<damo22>i think its part of glibc, and somehow the toolchain needs to know where to find it at compile time
<enyc>pavlushka: happy now? ;-)))
<ThinkT510>wow, I never realised the hurd wiki is hosted on the hurd
<KittyOwO[m]1>oh? I didn't know that either
<pavlushka>me either!
<Pellescours>damo22: yes it was the sys/time.h header
<Pellescours>and i don't know for crti
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<damo22>so i copied the crt* from my system and now it cant find libgcc
<damo22>i'd prefer not to build gcc and libgcc
<damo22> has a clever way to build a wrapper toolchain
<damo22>it wraps your host toolchain into a netbsd toolset
<damo22>then you can build rump with that
<damo22>we need to port that back to netbsd