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<damo22>agh it crashes on
<damo22>when i try to use character device instead of block device, rwd0d it crashes there
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<damo22>youpi: it died in pci-userspace: err (status=268435459, format=0x815af94 "mach_vm_object_pages") at err.c:121
<youpi>damo22: Mmm, I'm thinking that perhaps the allocation wasn't done yet
<youpi>and thus the mach_vm_object_pages wasn't done yet
<youpi>maybe try, in rumpdisk_device_read, to memset(buf, 0, npages*pagesize), to be sure that it gets allocated
<damo22>ok, will do tomorrow, we're having a watch party to watch the pci arbiter hurd talk from fosdem18
<youpi>damo22: things seem to be going fine with rumpdisk
<youpi>after making gnumach rather use highmem
<youpi>it's still unsafe for now without the mlockall() since if it gets swapped out, it cannot be swapped back in, but in practice I didn't trigger that situation yet :)
<youpi>ah, and now I say that it hangs :)
<youpi>yes, out of memory
<gnu_srs>youpi: I think mahler is OK again :D
<youpi>it seems to be indeed, thanks!