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<dragestil>is there a list of servers already implemented in hurd?
<damo22>ls /hurd ?
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<edgelady>Hello, is there any plans to port the xfs journaling file system to the Hurd? Would it be a difficult task?
<damo22>currently as far as i know, ext2fs is used and we use the extended attributes to store translator hooks, im not sure how that corresponds to other filesystems, we'll probably have to figure out a way to do it agnostically
<edgelady>Xfs supports extended attributes
<damo22>ok yeah, but we need to be able to attach translators regardless of filesystem
<edgelady>Let’s say we replicate that part in xfs code. Where would you start to port xfs to Hurd?
<damo22>its an extension of the work ive been doing on rump disk translator, we should replace the ext2fs translator with something that uses rump filesystems
<damo22>then it will support all the filesystems that netbsd supports
<edgelady>That wouldn’t incluse xfs sadly, but hopefully some alternative journaling fs
<edgelady>ZFS for instance:)
<edgelady>Wouldn’t it be possible to port XFS from Linux in a similar way that ext2 was ported?
<damo22>these are the ones that would be supported by rump
<damo22>i have no interest in porting stuff from linux
<damo22>except maybe ALSA
<damo22>that doesnt mean it cant be done obv
<damo22>the main idea is that we want to avoid reinventing the wheel by reusing existing driver code where possible
<damo22>afaik the current ext2fs translator is a stop gap measure to get some kind of disk access
<edgelady>Yep I am wondering if that is really a port from Linux or a fresh reimplementation
<damo22>but then, so are all the gnumach drivers and have been for years
<damo22>i am trying to get to a point where the microkernel has no drivers in it
<edgelady>That would be very cool
<damo22>we're close
<damo22>experimental rumpdisk enables disk access with no gnumach driver
<edgelady>damo22: if some fs do not support extended attributes, maybe an hidden file with an ad-hoc extension can do the trick to store translator infos?
<youpi>damo22: actually using the xattr is not enabled by default yet :)
<edgelady>Eg .hello.translator would contain translator infos for the file hello
<youpi>there is nothing particular for using xattr to attach translators, xattr is a quite filesystem-independent way
<youpi>e.g. I guess NFS supports it nowadays, so that can propagate over NFS
<youpi>ext2fs is quite a copy/paste from a very early linux implementation
<youpi>I wouldn't care much about filesystems missing xattr support
<youpi>it's fine not to have translators there
<youpi>e.g. SD cards, they're mostly used to store pictures, we don't need more :)
<edgelady>In theory I would expect the root fs at least to support translators, right?
<youpi>but those usually support xattr