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<gnu_srs>Good for the project. You might thank me for providing t a buildd for so many years. But that's not not you thanking anybody, right?
<youpi>thanks for providing this box for so many years, it was definitely helpful!
<youpi>(if you decide to drop it just because of a /usr/bin symlink, then so be it, and thanks for the fish)
<gnu_srs>Thanks, you have always been responsive to peoples expectations, but as a human you'll do well. Maybe to strict (non-emotional/not having an opinion) ??
<gnu_srs>Maybe you are are a coward. A conflict-one? That's very common...
<youpi>had I been a coward, I wouldn't have stayed so long
<gnu_srs>you are still a coward, you don't dare to have an opinion, sorry!
<youpi>not expressing an opinon doesn't mean being a coward
<youpi>particularly for matters there is no reason for me to have an option
<youpi>I definitely don't want to spend any time on getting an opinion on that /usr thing
<youpi>since I am not actually involved in the software that handles it, I don't have to have an opinion
<youpi>and that saves time
<gnu_srs>youpi: Do you remember a few years ago when you went to Uppsala. We could have met then but you never told that you were coming.
<youpi>well, it's a large country, I didn't even think there would be a possibility to meet
<gnu_srs>I was in Stockholm by then, and we could easilly met. But you were not available, as usual?
<youpi>that was for work, yes, so usually it's hard to reserve time
<youpi>even the evenings are taken by business dinners
<gnu_srs>Still, a meeting would not be to difficult.
<youpi>I don't think you realize how complex my schedule already is
<gnu_srs>But you are who ar...e
<youpi>(and honestly I didn't even know which city you were in)
<youpi>and you are who you are
<gnu_srs>And signing for Debian ...
<gnu_srs>Well, I hope you will at least acknowledge the amount of money I've spent for this buildd service. It is not for free as somebody might think !
<damo22>master upstream savannah is up to date, i havent bothered to update my mirror for a while, ive been moving house and all sorts of things
*** sets mode: +o ChanServ
<damo22>i bought a thinkpad w530 for $60 that is stuck in a bios boot loop :D
<jmcantrell>is there a better place to ask questions about coreutils?
<dragestil>I read more about hurd. So my understanding is that translators are servers but some servers are built-in and not translators and you can't settrans them. Is that correct?
<youpi>dragestil: I don't see what you mean by "built-in"
<youpi>all translators are available in /hurd, ready to be used with settrans
<youpi>the kernel itself does some translation for some devices such as the keyboard or the clock, but otherwise it's all modular in userland
<dragestil>By built in servers I mean the root filesystem, auth, password and process servers
<youpi>those are started at bootstrap yes
<dragestil>and you can't settrans them, correct?
<youpi>it would be difficult to replace them
<youpi>since the whole system depends on them
<youpi>and there is a bootstrap dance between them that wouldn't be achievable with settrans only, indeed
<dragestil>i see, thanks
<dragestil>also, can a server working at /foo point the client to another server at /bar, or the server at /foo can only pass the request to things under the /foo tree?
<youpi>it can, yes
<youpi>the idea is that when the client opens a file, the server returns a port for the opened file
<youpi>that port can actually be forwarded from an open call toward another server
<youpi>see the remap translator, for instance
<damo22>the new rumpdisk translator is special because it needs to be started before there is a disk mounted, so it is loaded by grub as a module during bootstrap
<damo22>but you can also run the same translator after boot if you want to attach a second disk
<youpi>yes, but that remains a simple dependency, which in the context of the debian installer, for instance, is a simple translator
<youpi>while the relation between the root filesystem, proc, and auth, is in a loop
<youpi>so you cannot just settrans them
<damo22>maybe we should name rumpdisk something else, like rumpahci, to indicate its per controller?
<youpi>I would say that for default setups we'd have one translator per type of device (disk, net, sound, etc.)
<youpi>that will be simpler to maintain
<youpi>(and simpler for newcomers to grasp)
<damo22>is there any way to get the sector offset of a file on disk?
<youpi>with debugfs, yes
<youpi>blocks filespec
<youpi>where filespec can be a path in the filesystem, an inode number
<youpi>that give you the block number, multiply by 4069 to get the offest within the partition
<gnu_srs>youpi: You mean 4096?
<youpi>ah, yes :)
<dragestil>what will it take to port hurd to x86_64? is there a link about it?
<youpi>IIRC there is a faq entry
<dragestil>this one?
<youpi>note that there is a more up-to-date faq, see topic
<youpi>(and link at the top of the faq on
<dragestil>ah ok, why is the more up-to-date faq hosted on a non-gnu site?
<dragestil>is the gnu site not hosted on a hurd machine?
<youpi>it's the converse
<youpi>the site is handled for all gnu projects, I don't even know by who
<youpi>the sceen site is running GNU
<youpi>and it's much easier to update
<youpi>GNU/Hurd* I meant
<dragestil>oh you mean you don't have control of the hurd part of the site?
<youpi>we do, but it's via a cvs commit
<dragestil>i have no idea how to use cvs
<youpi>it's like svn, but older
<youpi>and svn is like git, but older