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<damo22>youpi: ive been reading the source code of ALSA, it looks like it has an abstraction for all PCM devices : struct snd_pcm_ops . Paul Davis said the design of ALSA is limited because everything is driven by the arrival of audio device interrupts, instead of using timer interrupts and computing the instantaneous i/o buffer positions with a delay locked loop.
<damo22>perhaps we can implement a better version of ALSA for hurd
<damo22>but reuse the device abstractions
<youpi>I'd rather reuse an implementation of the drivers :)
<youpi>like rump
<damo22>netbsd does not have many sound cards
<youpi>(otherwise the availability of drivers is a never-ending work)
<damo22>ive been contributing to ALSA
<damo22>it has most of them