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<damo22>youpi: thank you for looking into it
<damo22>i dont know why there are hangs
<youpi>the kernel itself is not hung, one can use kdb from there to inspect the processes
<damo22>maybe the disk driver being single threaded blocks on something
<damo22>but the interrupts gets its own thread hmmm
<youpi>I guess it's a more general problem since even the console doesn't work
<youpi>(possibly part of it would be swapped out, but I'd doubt it)
<damo22>are you running it in qemu?
<damo22>how did you get around the ahci crash
<youpi>which crash?
<youpi>(I'm using your qemu patch)
<damo22>it usually breaks qemu with rumpdisk
<youpi>I'm not seeing it
<damo22>we reported the crash to upstream
<youpi>I use the git versin
<damo22>i better retest on master
<youpi>commit a557b00469bca61a058fc1db4855503cac1c3219 (origin/master, origin/HEAD)
<youpi>Date: Tue Mar 9 21:31:18 2021 +0000
<damo22>i will do this tonight after work
<damo22>see if i get a hang too
<youpi>btw I noticed a check in ext2fs which is eating basically 10% performance, will drop it :)
<damo22>does reboot work?
<youpi>now, yes
<youpi>after fixing startup_dosync
<damo22>i will check the git history
<damo22>so then everything is working except these hangs
<youpi>yes, except I dropped the mount of pci-arbiter on /servers/bus/pci
<youpi>that wasn't working, it's the machdev trivfs node which is showing up, not the netfs
<damo22>thanks i will look into it