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<damo22>ok so p->p_argv is null pointer
<damo22>in getprocargs
<damo22>for rumpdisk task
<damo22>youpi: in libmachdev, machdev_argv is equal to 0x1001ed2
<damo22>does argv need to be page aligned?
<youpi>damo22: it doesn't
<damo22>i cant understand how p_argv in the rumpdisk task is a null pointer if glibc is setting the value via proc_set_arg_locations
<damo22>i even set it again
<damo22>i added this just after _hurd_init in libmachdev:
<damo22>+ proc = getproc();
<damo22>+ assert_backtrace (proc);
<damo22>+ err = proc_set_arg_locations (proc, (vm_address_t)machdev_argv, (vm_address_t)environ);
<damo22>+ assert_perror_backtrace (err);
<damo22>libmachdev set argv[0]=rumpdisk argv=0x1001ef4
<damo22>libmachdev get argv=0x1001ef4
<damo22>root@zamhurd:~# cat /proc/6/stat
<damo22>getprocargs: pid=6 task=0x17 argv=0x0
<damo22>cat: /proc/6/stat: Input/output error
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