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<damo22>youpi: is it sufficient to set machdev_argv = argv; to pass the argument vector from argv to machdev_argv?
<damo22>i think its a local copy of the pointer on the stack and disappears after machdev_trivfs_init() ends
<youpi>damo22: it is actually the main's argv pointer, which never disappears
<damo22>but do i need to pass &argv and then assign machdev_argv = *argv ?
<youpi>why so?
<youpi>a pointer is just a number
<youpi>it won't magically change while being copied
<youpi>I guess at some point you need to learn a bit of assembly to be sure of what is happening on the stack
<youpi>or at least look at the hexadecimal dump of the stack and draw figures
<damo22>youpi: i wrote the linux driver for this hardware, but it had a bug that made it useless until a few weeks ago, it will have full support in Linux 5.14
<youpi>nice !
<damo22>the digi00x family has 16ins/16outs + SPDIF
<damo22>but 8 of those channels are only available with ADAT expansion
<damo22>i bought one for $50 last week to test it, (it retailed for $3k in 2006)...
<damo22>youpi: <---- you might be interested in the XOR encryption it had over multiple channels
<damo22>if you play a sawtooth into channel 1 and silence into the rest, you get this pattern on the middle byte of the audio stream
<damo22>on neighbouring channels
<damo22>so "playing" into the device makes the capture stream "dirty" unless you can undo the encryption and play extra noise into other channels
<allahu_akbar>Funny joke: if OSFMK stands for the Open Software Foundation Mach, and the OSF has nothing in relation to the Free Software Foundation, just a coincidence the name resembles. Does it mean that XNU is not a joke to mock GNU?
<allahu_akbar>I wonder what was wrong with mkLinux and why apple moved to bsd, we’re there doubt if the approach taken with mkLinux was compatible with the GPL
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