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<jrtc27>Forza: haiku is not a good OS, I've seen the poor quality of some of the code
<jrtc27>and read the forums and seen the clueless people who are supposed to be developers on it
<jrtc27>I'm sure some of the people are competent but the project as a whole is a bit of a joke now
<psydroid>I know Helenos and I met Jermar at FOSDEM
<psydroid>I have Haiku installed on a laptop here, but I'm probably going to wipe it and install something more interesting on the drive
<psydroid>I will have a look at Genode and Theseus too
<drakonis>dont look now, but reactos exists and it tries to be bug by bug compatible with windows
<drakonis>you also have some really interesting OS design in the form of barrelfish
<drakonis>you know, i wonder what's up with x15
<psydroid>that's a nice site
<alextee[m]><Forza "Maybe GNU/FSF should invest in d"> i wish the fsf supported this more, their high priority projects are all social stuff
<alextee[m]>i feel like technically advanced projects are lagging behind
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