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<dragestil>Has anyone looked into zircon? How does it differ from hurd
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<tamarro>What is happening to the bug hurd mailing list? Some week ago some one discussed some security issues and proposed some extensive fixes. Since then it seems like the pumpking disappeared and nobody responds to anyone
<youpi>answering tamarro: available time disappeared, yes
<youpi>my todo list is awfully fulll
<Forza>Maybe GNU/FSF should invest in developers of Hurd? It's still a very long way to be usable I think. It's still only i386, right?
<drakonis>x86-64 should be coming soon
<Forza>What definition of soon?
<Forza>I'm not compla. I like the principle of Hurd and I think linux of becoming very bloated with some design choices that I don't like
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<Forza>For example the choice to prevent binary (abi?) compatibility with modules compiled for earlier kernels is preventing millions and millions of smartphones and older hardware from being reused. This in turn is of course because of the lack of open source drivers. But I guess those will never come.
<drakonis>ah yes, sure.
<drakonis>linux is disgustingly complex as well
<Forza>That it is
<Forza>Hows BSD kernels on comparison?
<dstolfa>Forza: very complicated for the most part
<Forza>I've been following Haiku os. It seems cleaner
<drakonis>it kinda hard to retain backwards compat with modules if you dont get them perfectly right in the first try
<drakonis>well, with anything, really.
<drakonis>what you're asking here isnt a trivial thing
<drakonis>you have to either provide some kind of stability guarantee and reduce your code churn, which is probably a bad thing in the world of kernel dev
<ThinkT510>you should check out serenityos. the pace of development on that project is crazy. they've recently started x86_64 support
<drakonis>it is good and bad
<drakonis>serenityos is yet another unix though
<drakonis>it is nowhere as interesting as the other systems
<drakonis>on freebsd, there's a backwards compatibility layer with older releases and freebsd itself changes at a very slow pace
<drakonis>so it is easy for them to achieve such things
<Forza>I guess the idea here is to have a stable binary driver interface and not something that changes all the time
<Forza>It would have avoided a lot of land fill :(
<psydroid>which other systems are more interesting?
<ThinkT510>if you want to stick to microkernels then you could check out helenos
<Forza>Didn't Dragon Fly BSD move to some hybrid kernel?
<Gooberpatrol66>genode is interesting
<ThinkT510>this one looks very interesting:
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