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<Kitty[m]>Hmm, the various sources of information seem a bit spotty with hurd, despite one page claiming no intent currently for a 64 bit user space, has there been any "recent" attempts or any plans for for such a thing? (Also, despite the state of the project I am quite excited to play with it in a vm as soon as I get my desktop back in working order.)
<Kitty[m]>Or kernel for that matter.
<Kitty[m]>I did notice some information alluding to some attempts, curious to how that's gone/is going.
<damo22>Kitty[m]: i believe work has been done to make 64 bit kernel work, but im not sure if anyone has ported the rest of the os
<damo22>currently the work in progress is to make more drivers work using rump framework from NetBSD
<damo22>so we can soon remove the linux/ subtree from the kernel
<Kitty[m]>Oh interesting!
<damo22>it boots in qemu with the image from the topic
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<durango>Kitty[m]: it also works in virtualbox
<durango>Was anyone here around in ‘97 when both the Hurd and Linux 2.0 got released at the same time? I could imagine both systems had flaws by modern standards. Could you make a few words on how the Hurd got less traction than Linux at that point?
<mbanck>Hurd didn't get released in '97, where did you read that?
<mbanck>or you mean the 0.2 or 0.3 release or whatever that was?
<durango>I guess most of the code was there and from there to now was only bug fixes and whistles like the vga console?
<jrtc27>would you say the same of linux?
<durango>jrtc27: probably..
<jrtc27>then you don't know what you're talking about
<durango>I know Linux has been developed much more in the mean time mostly to keep up with new hw, that was not my question. What edge did Linux have in 97 over 97 Hurd?
<durango>what drove developers there
<jrtc27>it worked?
<durango>I should try to insta Hurd 0.0
<Gooberpatrol_66>hurd 0.0 included nethack?