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<Kitty[m]>Hello, where are some good sources I could read about hurd?
<damo22>Kitty[m]: do you mean the source code or text to read
<Kitty[m]>Text to read
<Kitty[m]>Oh thanks, somehow I missed that section.
<Kitty[m]>Looks like it will link to quite a bit of info.
<mbanck>marcus and neal seem to have moved on to argueing about email security:
<gamaz_nevva_lie>Hello, I have the impression that there is a bug in signal delivery.. ‘yes & kill $!’ Doesn’t work and ^C can crash my system
<gamaz_nevva_lie>Run it in a loop
<gamaz_nevva_lie>Crashes your system in a few thousands iteratio
<gamaz_nevva_lie>Probably a known bug
<gamaz_nevva_lie>Found a blogpost in the site where they say some kind of uppity MIT graduate was working on it and then giving up
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