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<hurts_when_hard>my theory about why microkernel got powned by monolitik ones: people interested and knowledjable in hardware hacking are not interested in RPCs, people interested about RPCs and networks are not interested in hardware.
<hurts_when_hard>it's trivial when you look at it from a technical perspective. The dream of the hw hacker is a microcontroller with a DMA engine that allows splicing and copying the data incoming from a network interface directly in the disk driver writing buffer. The dream of an RPC guy is to proxy the disk interface on the cloud on the other side of the
<hurts_when_hard>atlantic. So fare hw kinds won but billions are being wasted rn on the RPCs guys
<hurts_when_hard>hw people aim to maximum power and performance, and for this optimize their code and work in close collaboration with hw designers. RPCs guys aim for a just decent user experience. Hw people drove innovation in the tech field for the last 50 years, since the limit of physics has been reached (5nm tech), and since USA is becaming technically a
<hurts_when_hard>police state that wants to spy on everyone on their servers, RPC and cloud people are the one in charge now
<jrtc27>well that was a journey
<damo22>i got stuck with hurd recently, but a few weeks ago, someone fixed the firewire ALSA driver i started in 2012, here is proof of it working today