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<frogmo>Does anyone use gnu/hurd ?
<MysteriousSilver>frogmo: IRC etiquette: don't ask to ask, just ask, it saves
<MysteriousSilver>time. People often leave IRC open for long durations but don't always
<MysteriousSilver>check it, if you just leave your question in the channel someone might
<MysteriousSilver>come back and see it at any time (even hours later).
<frogmo>Does anyone use gnu/hurd?
<psydroid>Do I hear a broken record?
<jrtc27>yes some people use it
<jrtc27>not many, but some
<jrtc27>if literally nobody used it then it wouldn't still be being developed
<jrtc27>(hell, developing normally implies using just to test)
<frogmo>gnu/hurd has software for 32 6 64 bits?
<frogmo>sorry, I meant gnu/hurd has software for 32 and 64 bits?
<gnu_srs2>frogmo: 64 bit is in progress, 32 bit is currently supported
<frogmo>When will the 64 bits version be released?
<frogmo>Because there is almost no support left for 32 bits.
<jrtc27>yes there is
<frogmo>For example, what browser do you use for 32 bits ?
<jrtc27>doesn't build on hurd currently just because nobody's updated the patch series
<jrtc27>it's built and run just fine in the past
<jrtc27>with the only issues being because hurd not because 32-bt
<psydroid>I built Netsurf last time I ran Debian GNU/Hurd
<paulusASol>Well, modern Firefox has the additional problem of depending on Rust.
<paulusASol>And porting liblibc (a part of Rust) to a new OS is a PITA (even with massive copy & paste), so no one has done it yet.
<bone-baboon>There are also issues with the Rust Foundation trademark policy <>.
*paulusASol < >
<bone-baboon>paulusASol: The Rust trademark policy is currently being discussed on guix-devel, debain-legal and directory-discuss mailing lists. Links <>. I just wanted to share the information as you were discussing issues about Rust.
<drakonis>i don't think this policy is very relevant right now
<drakonis>since the issue with firefox/rust on hurd is technical
<drakonis>the social issue can always be solved later
<drakonis>rather, it isnt immediatly relevant to the issue at hand
<Guest1448>Do you guys know about IOMMUs and the Linux vfio driver?