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<Guest36>Hello haX3rZ, I’ve installed the Debian Hurd OS and I think Linux gets 100% BTFO on all fun points. The system have plenty of potential
<Guest36>it’s fun, but it could be even more fun. Like if it had a full user space usb stack
<drakonis>you're welcome to implement it
<Zambyte>I saw my debian vm has librumpdev-usb installed, can this be used for some usb access?
<Guest36>I’m too stupid for that
<Guest36>Btw, is there any blogpost that explain how to start the system with user space disk drivers instead of the obsolete Linux 2.0 ones?
<Guest36>I might have fun programming a Hurd IRC translator with libtrivfs one of these days
<Guest36>Imagine opening a file in ‘rw’ mode and interact with it
<Guest36>And the translator use the input/output for transmitting IRC… wondering if it is doable