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<gnu_srs1>damo22: What about ls /proc/?/exe for standard boot including arbiter but without rumpdisk?
<oaken-source>I just realized that this channel is not registered with nickserv. is this on purpose?
<oaken-source>I would think that the hurd project could easily register with to be able to claim the entire #hurd-* namespace
<ThinkT510>how is chanserv here if it isn't registered?
<Alicia_>I think there has been a mixup between nickserv and chanserv. if you ask nickserv it isn't registered, but it's not supposed to be registered with nickserv
***Alicia_ is now known as Alicia
<Alicia>and chanserv reports that it is registered
<oaken-source>oh, right. I'm silly.
<oaken-source>it's been a long day :|
<jrtc27>nickserv stops you nicking channels, obviously :P
<oaken-source>this is like the first time I tried to contribute to glibc all over again (: