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<damo22>youpi: i cant seem to figure this out. It seems that none of the calls to S_proc_set_arg_locations() fail to set the args
<damo22>so at least one call to it is setting a strange arg
<damo22>could it be that S_fsys_init is the wrong place to set the args for rumpdisk in libmachdev?
<damo22>so it tries to set it for ext2fs
<damo22>and rumpdisk's process args gets missed
<damo22>start pci-arbiter: pci pci-arbiter: ../../libmachdev/trivfs_server.c:567: machdev_trivfs_server: Assertion 'proc' failed. <---- getproc() fails in the libmachdev if its not called in fsys_init()
<damo22>how should the bootstrap filesystem (pci-arbiter) initialise proc?
<damo22>i think its a base case of the recursion into fsys_init that is not working
<damo22>when bootstrap is nul
<damo22>there seems to be a bug where the ext2fs process /proc/7/status is having its name overwritten with "rumpdisk" but it should be populated in /proc/6/status
<damo22>looks like the proc_set_arg_locations() is being set on the wrong process
<damo22>in libmachdev
<damo22>or could be a bug remaining from transitioning to more bootstrap processes?
<damo22>youpi: what do you make of this?
<damo22>ls /proc/?/exe
<damo22>i think with arbiter+rump, it should be 6=>rumpdisk, 7=>ext2fs
<damo22>somehow /hurd/startup is showing up twice
<youpi>it seems messy indeed
<youpi>maybe also look at the rump-only case
<youpi>and arbiter-only case
<youpi>to check which one brings the mess
<damo22>mach_print( ((char **)argv)[0] ); <--- crashed proc when i tried to print the value of the argv inside S_proc_set_arg_locations
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<youpi>so probably one of these calls passes NULL, and that's what needs to be tracked up
<damo22>proc_set_arg_locations() is only called in startup/startup.c
<damo22>once for the global proc process and twice for the kernel frob
<damo22>the rest must be null?
<youpi>It's also called in glibc's _hurd_new_proc_init
<damo22>where is _hide_arguments set?
<damo22>nowhere that i can see, so its 0