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<damo22>is Pellescours here?
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<damo22>mbanck: did you found the #hurd channel originally?
<damo22>root@zamhurd:~# msgport --getenv -p 6
<damo22>msgport: 6: Cannot execute command: (ipc/send) invalid destination port
<damo22>root@zamhurd:~# cat /proc/6/environ
<damo22>process_file_get_contents: EIO
<damo22>cat: /proc/6/environ: Input/output error
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<damo22>does the message port need to be registered somewhere in rumpdisk?
<damo22>so that proc knows about it
<mbanck>damo22: no
<mbanck>at least I don't remember doing it
<mbanck>and I wasn't involved with the Hurd in mid-99, when #hurd was apparently registered
<damo22>are you not azeem?
<mbanck>I am
<damo22>according to freenode #hurd, azeem registered it
<mbanck>I would say, according to freenode #hurd, the founder column in the #hurd row is set to azeem
<damo22>ok yeah
<damo22>well the founder column gets set when you register a channel
<mbanck>yes, but it can be updated, I'm sure
<mbanck>probably neal or marcus registered it, and when they decided to leave handed it over - I don't remember (or care, honestly)
<damo22>ok no worries, i would have gladly handed it to you if you wanted it
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