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<freeguy>Why there is so much non-free links in the hurd website.
<damo22>freeguy: what do you mean?
<freeguy>according to gnu philosophy u should not include and non-free links or suggest non-free things
<freeguy>there is so many links in
<damo22>hmm not sure why facebook is mentioned
<freeguy>there is also google+
<damo22>but if people are actively using it and talking about hurd, we cant just delete the link i suppose
<damo22>if they are no longer used, maybe we can remove them
<Gooberpatrol66>Does google+ even exist anymore?
<damo22>i am in favour of deleting the facebook link
<freeguy>one question -> Why Hurd is not updating its license to GPLv3
<damo22>freeguy: most likely because i havent finished removing linux/ from the kernel
<freeguy>what thats means, Is u copied code from linux
<damo22>yea to make the gnumach kernel have any drivers at all to work with hardware, linux 2.6 tree was copied
<damo22>many years ago as i understand
<damo22>i have almost finished replacing the last one with a userspace disk driver
<freeguy>is u also going to use rust?
<damo22>maybe one day, it will be possible
<damo22>but for now its C
<damo22>we are using netbsd "rump" userspace driver model
<damo22>so the drivers for hardware can be maintained externally to hurd
<damo22>and run as userspace processes
<damo22>there is very little to gain by reimplementing drivers from scratch
<freeguy>do u know rust is not compatible with FSDG
<damo22>we are not using rust
<freeguy>really. Do you know about hyperbola, they are moving to OpenBSD because u rust
<freeguy>really. Do you know about hyperbola, they are moving to OpenBSD because of rust
<damo22>i dont know what you mean sorry
<damo22>do you mean the linux kernel is going to move to rust?
<damo22>if so, that will not affect hurd, we are not using the linux kernel moving forward
<freeguy>i know but u said u going to
<damo22>i said it would be possible to use rust
<damo22>i didnt say we have plans to use it
<damo22>hope that helps
<freeguy>why hurd has no release
<freeguy>and why i really dependent on debian
<damo22>debian seems to be a good base for development environment, it needs a distro to ship binaries
<damo22>the developers chose debian i guess
<damo22>theres no reason you cant port it to another distro, the upstream source is git only not distro dependent
<damo22>but maybe that makes more sense when it runs on more hardware
<damo22>its not ready yet
<freeguy>i problem with every gnu software that they do follow KISS and that is the main reason why it is not so extendible
<damo22>hurd is very modular and extensible
<damo22>the problem is not enough active developers
<damo22>but i feel that will change when more drivers are working
<damo22>and users can run gnu/hurd on their laptops
<freeguy>and this is the reason people moving to clang, zsh, etc
<freeguy>will hurd also going to ship with non-free bloobs
<damo22>probably not
<freeguy>so why our goal is to support laptops
<damo22>i said laptop because i want it to run on my laptop
<damo22>but really, it will target any x86
<damo22>once it runs there well, people will port to other arches
<damo22>hurd runs on i486 apparently
<damo22>i havent tried
<damo22>but my goal is to make it run on modern x86
<freeguy>why no u take code from some BSD kernel which is compatible with GPLv3
<damo22>because we dont want drivers in the kernel
<damo22>drivers go in userspace in microkernel model
<damo22>the kernel's job is just to manage memory and be a message bus
<damo22>and some access control to i/o
<damo22>there are large benefits from having drivers in userspace, eg, you can run GDB on your driver
<freeguy>but for now u can so that i can run and test
<damo22>yes, i am removing them actively though
<damo22>disk almost boots without driver in kernel
<damo22>thats the hardest driver to replace
<damo22>because the system needs it to bot
<damo22>yeah, like a chicken/egg problem
<damo22>giving birth to GNU
<damo22>gtg back to work
<freeguy>thanks and bye
<damo22>welcome to #hurd
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<LarstiQ>this channel isn't very active anymore, but still might consider moving it:
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<gnu_srs1>LarstiQ: What about:
<azeem>gnu_srs1: the above website points to AFAICT
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