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<klys>damo22, hi
<damo22>i heard freenode is under threat to a hostile takeover
<damo22>ugh it was taken down
<damo22>dang i didnt save it
<damo22>Someone called Andrew Lee is making a legal claim to the services hosted at yeah thats it Gooberpatrol66!
<klys>does have the alis bot?
<klys>or other bots, geordi, infobot, or dpkg?
<damo22>its not open to the public yet apparently
<damo22>the world has gone nuts
<damo22>everything is going down the pan
<klys>well as of today I am running three irc servers at
<klys>not that it means anything important
<damo22>we should not fragment the community by creating more ircs
<damo22>we need to fight it somehow and protect freenode
<klys>well matrix exists and can solve those problems
<damo22>its not a technical issue, its a matter of principle
<klys>whose principles are at stake?
<damo22>freenode has served the community for many many years
<klys>I mean as of today
<damo22>why should we just roll over and let some guy take it
<klys>can you answer it? who is there?
<damo22>sorry i dont follow
<klys>I have not come to fight you
<klys>did you learn those things in #freenode ?
<damo22>no a friend pointed me to the link
<klys>I am afraid I don't follow freenode staff very closely either
<klys>do you use debian? autotools? are you an fsf member? have you been reading much chatter?
<damo22>all of the above
<klys>well that tells me I should be more concerned
<klys>I am open to technical solutions and I'm not sure why you are debating me on the principple
<damo22>personally, i prefer IRC and i like freenode
<damo22>i dont want to see it destroyed
<damo22>if some corporate entity takes over freenode they can steer it into a direction it was never intended, and fragment the community
<damo22>it weakens the cause of free software
<damo22>even if you have a technical solution to bridge it to other networks, its not the point
<damo22>i want to protect freenode as a genuine free software supporter
<damo22>i wrote to FSF about it
<damo22>hopefully they can help
<Noisytoot>damo22, There's, but parts of it seem to have disappeared since yesterday
<Noisytoot>Actually, they haven't disappeared, but for some reason I have to scroll to see it