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***Server sets mode: +nt
***Server sets mode: +nt
<aidenw>Sorry to bother everyone again, but I'd like to know if someone could point me in a more specific direction in terms of what documentation to improve, if I'm capable of doing it at all. I attempted to use the open issue documentation, but a lot of the required documentation also needed me to be able to understand C code (which I cannot). If someone could even just give me a specific topic to improve the documentation for I'd be extremely grateful (as I
<aidenw><aidenw> oftentimes have trouble finding a topic to focus on). I can understand if nobody wants to do this since at that point you would be doing a lot of the work, but I think if I was pointed in a specific direction I could do a lot more for the project. Also thanks for the help I've already been given.
<aidenw>and I forgot to remove my name from the second message (I had to resend the message because I forgot to login the first time)
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