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<gnu_srs>damo22: What happened, you are no longer here?
<youpi>maybe he has life things to handle ?
<gnu_srs>of course, I was just worried about the current pandemic...
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<Pellescours>gnu_srs: he said he is changing of house
<Pellescours>this week
<aidenw>I read the Savannah page for The Hurd and I'd like to know if document writers are still needed (I ask because I know some parts of the hurd websites don't get updated often). If they are I'd like to know if I can help out by writing documentation since I don't (yet) know how to write C code. Also I'm sorry if this message gets sent twice, I'm very new to IRC and I didn't know I had to register. I'm unsure if it will send the first message I tried to send
<aidenw>before registering.
<ThinkT510>aidenw: while I'm not a hurd developer I am glad you have stayed to see if anyone answers you. IRC does favour a lurking strategy. another place you may get an answer from would be the mailing lists. thanks for your patience and volunteer spirit. I hope you get an answer soon.
<Gooberpatrol66>Documentation is absolutely needed
<Gooberpatrol66>also this
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