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<galex-713>Hello, would it be possible under hurd that for instance you can read file.xml, but also read file.xml/head as if file.xml was at the same time a directory and an xml file?
<galex-713>and would that be possible with fuse?
<youpi>there's already an xmlfs
<youpi>on the hurd you don't need fuse at all, hurd already provides whatever fuse provides
<youpi>with a filesystem you can make an entry behave both as a file and a directory, yes
<youpi>stat will tell you only either way though
<galex-713>youpi: is it normally/commonly/standardly possible under unices to read a directory?
<galex-713>like, with read?
<youpi>it used to be
<youpi>that was actually the only way to get dirents, back in the time
<galex-713>oh cool
<galex-713>and nowadays it’s not possible anymore, right?
<youpi>usually not
<galex-713>for helping interoperability between FS, I guess, right?
<galex-713>what does “usually” means? is it the case with linux or any of the 3 BSDs?
<youpi>I mean I've only seen OS not allowing it, except the hurd
<youpi>it doesn't need to be about interoperability
<youpi>the content could be made on the fly in a standard dirent format
<galex-713>oh ok
<galex-713>the hurd allows it by default? with its most used translators/fs?
<galex-713>(still ext2 btw?)
<youpi>I don't remember
<galex-713>thank you for your answers, I’m very happy about that
<youpi>(but that'd be terribly eaasy to just try)
<galex-713>(I should install the hurd)