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<damo22>youpi: at what point in libmachdev should i call proc_child so that the parent becomes a true parent process?
<damo22>if ((proc_stat_flags (file->ps) & file->desc->needs) != file->desc->needs) is failing
<damo22>in procfs/process.c
<damo22>s/is failing/is falling through to EIO
<youpi>damo22: that has to be done by startup, since the RPC is on the procserver port of startup, to make startup the parent
<youpi>and I'd say just mimic what is already there: launch_core_servers
<damo22>youpi: i have 4 small patches that further helps the issue but doesnt quite fix it
<damo22>it may help to explain it if i send them in
<damo22>youpi: the ess_task list is empty it seems ??
<damo22>argh, gtg
<youpi>damo22: before the fsys_init call, yes, sure