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<damo22>crwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0, 0 Mar 7 07:55 pci
<damo22>hmm /servers/bus/pci is a char devices
<damo22>it should be a directory
<damo22>when booted with bootstrapped arbiter
<damo22>Pellescours: did you have a go? I'm just cloning src now
<damo22>build/genmatch --gimple /part3/demo/git/netbsd/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc.old/dist/gcc/match.pd \
<damo22> > tmp-gimple-match.c
<damo22>(null):0:0 error: /part3/demo/git/netbsd/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc.old/dist/gcc/match.pd: Bad file descriptor
<damo22>Segmentation fault (core dumped)
<damo22>im running a cross-build of the netbsd upstream src tools: ./ -m i386 -E -D ../dest -T ../dest/tools -u tools
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<damo22>not fixed
<Pellescours>I had my VM freezed again yesterday and so re-created it (it takes so long to dl netbsd) so I didno't progress
<Pellescours>damo22: is their sill a lot of work to be able to have a hurd running on multiple cores?
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