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<damo22>gnu_srs: when i use sem_timedwait semaphores properly, it hangs. I think the threading is not working, maybe we should just make it single threaded
<damo22>or is it possible one of the global locks is not being taken?
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<youpi>damo22: I'm trying an ACPI-enabled kernel, it seems to be running fine, but printing on com0 is bogus
<youpi>at early boot it's fine, but once userland starts, I keep getting ty c10aa460 was stuck
<youpi>Mmm, the installer frontend doesn't come up
<youpi>it's probably better to first have a look at fixing com0, possibly it'll fix other stuff
<youpi>damo22: had you tried the non-bootstrap pci-arbiter when there is no bootstrap pci-arbiter ?
<youpi>it doesn't seem to be working any more, thus breaking netdde etc.
<youpi>taking a new upstream snapshot is supposed to be a non-brain operation...
*youpi getting one bug after the other...
<youpi>not amused
<youpi>about rumpdisk getting stuck during the debian-installer, I guess this could be debuggued on an installed system by stress-testing it by running debootstrap in a loop in a filesystem mounted from an ahci-based disk (in addition to an ide disk that contains the system)
<youpi>the bit about PCI_COMMAND_INT_DISABLE is a bit doubtful, I'd say a rationale should be added to explain why it's needed at all. And if it's something like "catch up something odd happening", the message should be mach_print()-ed, not MACH_PRINT()-ed, so that we always see it, and not only in debug builds