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<Pellescours>damo22: in `acpi_os_allocate_zeroed`, is their a reason to do `malloc + memset(0)` instead of `calloc`?
<damo22>Pellescours: no reason at all
<damo22>i might try to address youpi's comments now and retest
<damo22>slowly getting there
<damo22>arrgh this sucks
<damo22>there are some missing globals i think
<damo22>but when i #define DEFINE_ACPI_GLOBALS i get a bunch of duplicated symbols in my lib
<damo22>and it wont link
<damo22>i cant do this tonight
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<youpi>damo22: the debian installer was able to use the CD driver, it seems to be working all fine
<youpi>it does not seem too much slower, maybe something like 20% slower
<youpi>but it hangs at "Unpacking adwaita-icon-theme"
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