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<damo22>i didnt realise smp was merged to master
<damo22>is it hiding behind a cmdline flag?
<Pellescours>it’s does not enable multiple CPUs
<Pellescours>iirc you have to set NCPUs > 1 when configuring gnumach
***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>Pellescours: what does it do when you set NCPUS 4 eg
<damo22>hmm im getting somewhere with APIC, it almost booted but intnull(2) keeps printing out
<damo22>IOAPIC 0 configured
<damo22>LAPIC timer configured
<damo22>db{0}> show all tasks
<damo22> 0 f63b5ea0 gnumach [1]
<damo22>its stuck somewhere
<damo22>i think the interrupts are getting stuck on
<damo22>i will do more tomorrow
<Pellescours>damo22: if NBCPUs >2 it allocate an array of 255 to store CPUs iirc. But it uses APIC to detect the real number of CPUs
<Pellescours>damo22: is APIC enabledd in gnumach ?
<gnu_srs2>Bugs in bind9-host and gdb:
<gnu_srs2>Is the gdb problem due to the generated core file or gdb itself: Always seen in gdb when loading a core file: warning: Unexpected size of section `.reg2/14435' in core file.
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