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<damo22>youpi: what is the bootstrap port for the arbiter given it is the FS
<damo22>when i use MACH_PORT_NULL, it boots but cannot look up _SERVERS_STARTUP
<damo22>so cannot register itself for shutdown
<youpi>the arbiter doesn't have a bootstrap port
<youpi>but at fs_init it gets its CRDIR, and from then on it should be able to lookup paths
<youpi>just like rumpdisk was able to do it when it was the first translator
<damo22>youpi: rumpdisk fsys_init runs before the arbiter's, so do i call fsys_init for the arbiter before or after running _hurd_init() ?
<damo22>i think _hurd_init is running twice, one for rumpdisk and one for arbiter
<damo22>youpi: I'm not sure what is going on, but this patch i just sent gets it much closer to what we need
<damo22>it boots with a warning and doesnt quite set the startup notification for pci shutdown
<damo22>but all the fsys_inits are running
<youpi>yes, sure, each of rumpdisk and pci-arbiter have to call _hurd_init for themselves
<damo22>maybe its because the root filesystem is actually the pci arbiter netfs, but the arbiter cannot read the real root filesystem
<damo22>exposed by rumpdisk
<youpi>err, it was the same situation with rumpdisk
<youpi>just do the
<youpi>sorry I don't have more time, I'm in craszy hurry
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