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***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>cool it works on real hw
<damo22>youpi: i have cleaned up most of the pci stuff, but im still not sure how to avoid the netfs hacks for cred
<damo22>should i send in latest patchset?
<damo22>it boots on native hw
<damo22>gnu_srs1: how do i run gdb on a translator? pci-arbiter is segfaulting when there is an existing static arbiter running
<damo22>woot it doesnt segfault after upgrading hurd
<damo22>i have pci-arbiter.static booted and also running as nested arbiter
<damo22>and i fixed the bug with the duplicate entris
<youpi>yay damo22 :D
<youpi>does using fsys_getroot not work?
<youpi>(to create uid=0-owned cred)
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<damo22>i tried it at one point but gave up
<damo22>i had so many different things going wrong
<damo22>maybe i can try again
<damo22>actually nested arbiter doesnt quite work, i need to use machdev properly
<damo22>when i use pciaccess in userspace to print out the list using hurd method, booted from the static arbiter, it works once but then returns 10000003
<damo22>the qemu ahci bug is annoying, it actually works better on native x230 hardware
<youpi>damo22: perhaps you could enable ide in rump, and make qemu use ide emulation?
<luckyluke[m]>damo22: maybe you could also try the virtio disk, I remember it was supported by rump drivers when I tried it. It should be /dev/ld0 I think
<luckyluke[m]>so maybe it's easier to debug ahci or ide issues, if you don't need them for the rootfs
<luckyluke[m]>also, about debugging translators, some years ago I had a patch to self-install a translator for debugging, so you could use gdb as for any other application instead of going through settrans
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<luckyluke[m]>if it can help you
<luckyluke[m]>unfortunately only for trivfs, but I suppose the same can be done with netfs/diskfs
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<damo22>bot good suggestions
<damo22>i fixed libpciaccess
<damo22>sent in patches