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<damo22>youpi: !
<damo22>long time no see
<wleslie>I think that's just the netsplit (but if not, hi youpi & damo!)
<damo22>i need to polish my patches again and resubmit
<damo22>but rump is working with the arbiter
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<youpi>yes that was just the netsplit, but yes that's also a comeback after months of work overload
<youpi>not really lightload, but still I can afford reading irc a bit
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<youpi>thanks :)
<wleslie>I'm glad it's starting to ease up
<damo22>i was losing motivation to plow through the rump stuff but since it is almost working i can see light
<wleslie>rump is always best slow-cooked
<damo22>everything worked in my test boot, all the tricky dance to make the servers talk to each other and resuming tasks etc
<wleslie>nice work on getting your disk back up
<damo22>i just need to clean up some stuff and find a way to fake uid=0
<damo22>since there is no auth server or proc
<wleslie>who's checking?
<damo22>the netfs for pci wants to look up a protid
<damo22>but before the root filesystem exists
<wleslie>isn't the statically linked root filesystem the first server that gets started? hmm
<damo22>s/look up/be passed
<damo22>yes but rumpdisk.static is looking up a netfs node in the pci arbiter
<damo22>to access the pci virtual filesystem
<youpi>wleslie: not any more
<youpi>it now needs the disk driver to be started before
<youpi>and the disk driver needs the pci arbiter before
<wleslie>superb, you have been busy
<wleslie>can you query the mach device list directly?
<wleslie>or is the interface too different
<damo22>its not a mach device in gnumach
<youpi>damo22: btw I was wondering whether pci-arbiter really needs libmachdev, you could just add the device demuxer and directly handle the RPC
<youpi>rather than having to handle conflicts between libmachdev and libnetfs
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<damo22>youpi: machdev has handy way to inject the translator into place
<damo22>i would be reimplementing things
<youpi>if it was just for the demuxer that'd be easy, but the port dance is not :)
<damo22>yeah what ive got so far is good, i think it needs your suggestions all round
<damo22>which you sent already
<damo22>when i get disk stable, i will boot my x230 native and develop on real hw
<damo22>in theory it should work
<damo22>theres a bug in my change for libpciaccess, it crashes on native hw when there is a different list of devices
<damo22>possibly duplicates?
<damo22>maybe the bug is in pci-arbiter
<damo22>thats what my boot looks like on real hw
<damo22>there are duplicate entries in the pci access list
<damo22>and then it fails to probe them due to mismatching refcounts probably
<damo22>ive seen it enumerate duplicates before on different hw
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