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***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>ahcisata0 channel 0: setting WDCTL_RST failed for drive 0 <-- then crash
<damo22>gnu_srs1: it works
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<gnu_srs1>damo22: Great work, large congrats! :)
<damo22>so may have found a bug in qemu ahci
<damo22>my boot disk crashes qemu every time
<gnu_srs1>damo22: What was the problem? You're amazing :) What about trying rumpdisk on real hardware now?
<damo22>the problem was a bug in netfs_impl.c
<damo22>for pcifs
<damo22>it was trying to mmap zero sized memory
<damo22>but i had to hack libnetfs a little bit to make it all work
<Pellescours>congratulation damo22 :DDD
<damo22>will probably need to clean this up and find a way to fake the uid=0 credential more cleanly
<gnu_srs1>No commits yet at Any description on how to build and test your stuff?
<damo22>i am rebasing and will push soon
<damo22>libpciaccess + hutrd
<damo22>ok pushed
<damo22>and you need this kind of menuentry for grub
<damo22>build pciaccess and install the .a, then build pci-arbiter.static and rumpdisk.static
<damo22>install the static servers into /hurd
<damo22>change the menuentry to suit, then reboot into it