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<damo22>gnu_srs: stuck
<damo22>i mean, ive written a bunch of commits that are closer to working but i cant figure out the startup sequence with netfs_startup
<damo22>and i cant get half baked code merge
<damo22>as youpi would say, there is an intricate dance needed for the boot sequence
<damo22>various tasks hand over ports to each other to bootstrap the system in a particular order
<damo22>i think my main issue is that i dont know how netfs_S_fsys_startup is being called?
<damo22>theres a lot of server magic happening in mig
<damo22>i get:
<damo22>FSYS_STARTUP (machdev)
<damo22>but no FSYS_STARTUP (netfs)
<damo22>are all the *_S_fsys_startup functions supposed to call one after the other?
<damo22>maybe i need to call fsys_startup again from inside machdev's trivfs_S_fsys_startup ?
<damo22>to make it chain down to the next one
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