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<GNUtoo>Hi, I've tried HURD on Guix as it's relatively easy to install and pretty up to date,
<GNUtoo>And I've some questions: (1) where can I find the drivers in the source code
<GNUtoo>The idea is to look at what hardware is supposed to be compatible
<ThinkT510>where did you get a hurd guix image from?
<GNUtoo>I took the example in the guix manual, removed the ssh service and run guix system image system.scm
<GNUtoo>but they probably also publish images
<GNUtoo>I even tried it on real hardware but I needed some tweaks
<GNUtoo>(a) I tried it on GM45 Thinkpads running old versions of Coreboot+SeaBIOS (without nonfree microcode) and it went out of memory, probably due to the fact that there are 2 contiguous zones of memory:
<GNUtoo>one is pretty small and the next one that is available is pretty big
<GNUtoo>so it might have used the first one
<GNUtoo>(b) I tried on GM45 Thinkpads also running older versions of Coreboot + SeaBIOS also without the nonfree microcode, and I had to change hd* in sd* in grub to boot
<GNUtoo> also has images
<GNUtoo>"GNU Guix System on GNU Hurd"
<GNUtoo>The HURD wesite probably needs to be updated
<GNUtoo>(it mentions debian and so on but not Guix)
<ThinkT510>GNUtoo: Nice! Thanks for the link
<GNUtoo>The blog posts are also super interesting, there are at least 2 blog posts on the Guix support
<GNUtoo>in addition there were some older FOSDEM talks about that
<GNUtoo>I didn't went so far as installing desktop environments and so on
<GNUtoo>Though on a vm it's probably doable
<GNUtoo>on real hardware It'd need drivers, hence my question: how to know which drivers are supported (where to find them in the source code)
<GNUtoo>I grepped for e1000e and didn't find anything for instance
<GNUtoo>same for e1000 though I recall that e1000 is supported somehow