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<damo22>is anyone here? i dont know how to finish rumpdisk to make it work with the pci-arbiter, we are so close to having disk in userspace
<damo22>it works without the arbiter
<damo22>pretty sure this call fails:
<damo22> /* Create the PCI filesystem */
<damo22> err = init_file_system (netfs_startup (bootstrap, O_READ), fs);
<damo22>because there is no root filesystem, how can the pci-arbiter run a netfs translator anywhere?
<damo22>the bootstrap needs to start the arbiter before rumpdisk is started so that the arbiter can arbitrate calls to the pci subsystem
<damo22>but how can that work if it depends on a netfs node exposing the interface?
<damo22>ok will post this into the mailing list
<damo22>anyone seen youpi on here lately?
<azeem>not me
<kilobug>neither did I
<damo22>oh two more hurd friends!
<damo22>azeem: kilobug: what timezones are you folks in
<damo22>i am UTC+11
<kilobug>utc+1 (paris)
<kilobug>but I'm mostly lurking here... I used to be involved a bit in the hurd in the early 2000s, but I lack time and energy to invest myself in it anymore, so I'm just following things from far
<damo22>ok i see
<ThinkT510>does most hurd development follow debian? anyone use guix?
<azeem>same as kilobug
<damo22>ThinkT510: as far as i know, there is only one maintainer active on hurd and a few active contributors of which i am recently one since 2018, the development needs a distro to use as a base and is mainly debian afaik
<ThinkT510>I had a feeling it was mostly debian
<damo22>ThinkT510: if there were more people actively developing it, i dont think it matters too much which distro you use
<damo22>but you need some way to boot up the os
<ThinkT510>I'm another lurker. Certainly interested in seeing the hurd succeed as a viable alternative.
<damo22>the upstream code is not in a distro as such, its a set of repos
<damo22>im trying to find more time to work on it
<damo22>but i keep getting stuck on tricky things
<ThinkT510>Thank you for your efforts. Any progress is good.
<damo22>i used to bug youpi a lot when he was online
<damo22>that seemed to get me bootstrapped and past some tricky things
<damo22> i just sent this in, it doesnt quite work but hopefully i can get some comments on it soon
<damo22>maybe he is tired of being bugged on IRC :P
<damo22>i think once we get past the bootstrap for the rump disk driver, the other drivers based on rump should be easier, because you will not need to do any special dance at bootup to make them work, and you can debug the userspace drivers with gdb
<damo22>its just really slow moving because every time there is a bug, it crashes the boot process and you cant debug anything